Sunday, 15 May 2011

To Analyse

With this blog I shall attempt to present a story, and then analyse it.
I think that over time this page shall accrue at least one story that can be identified with by anyone that comes to it. However, all of it will be following my life in a more or less chronological order from an attempted (yet inevitably failed) universal perspective. As such, I will be displaying knowledge gleaned from others.

My last post illustrated to you (in words) the abuse of a child. It just so happened that that child was me. The way I dealt with this abuse was not taught to me, and as such, it can be determined that such techniques are ingrained into our minds. All of that can be reduced to; "forget bad experiences".
Such an ideology is not comprehensive, as bad experiences are often recalled so as to avoid them repeating themselves. However, when the negative event is applied to a mind that has no way of dealing with it, the mind simply runs away. This concept pervades our entire existence.

Everyday interaction is reduced to a simple relay of predetermined messages which in no way accurately summarise the true situation we find ourselves in. I.e. The social convention of asking; "How are you?" This question already has an answer, and thus the entire conversation has a flow which doesn't actually represent the individuals engaging in it. An entire lifetime of replying "Good" makes people feel that the lives they are enduring are normal, that they are, in fact leading a good life.

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