Sunday, 15 May 2011

To Deepen

Over my blog thus far I have attempted to illustrate how I was shaped as a person from a very young age, and how the situations I found myself in, while wholly individual to myself, are in fact mirrored across the lives of nearly every single person in the Western world (I stipulate as different cultures do not ask "How are you", but instead have a simple or formal greeting which in no way encourages the falsification of the perception of our lives). I have only begun to think in such a way in recent times. After leaving my family and trying to experience life in ways that would have previously been considered by myself as uncomfortable. The way I have lived my life over the past eighteen months has led me to a place where I have mingled with people from backgrounds previously unimaginable. However, contrary to being alienated by these striking differences, I instead allowed myself to be drawn to others and as a result connect with people for the human that they were regardless of background. In saying that I do not disregard the subconscious, on a primal level as the animal that we are (if the theory of evolution stands) we have a distinct preference to be with those that are similar to ourselves in appearance, however, acknowledgement of this fact allows one to realise when such an intrinsic philosophy is affecting rational thought, and thus accommodate it.

In essence, what I have said over these last three posts is that I have, through the course of my life, procured a means for conversation that should, technically, facilitate engagement between any two persons to the result of coming away from that conversation with both parties feeling positive.
The rest of this blog will be about those conversations, about how I wish to Live my Life.


  1. very interesting read. this relates to my life very well right now

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