Sunday, 15 May 2011

To Summarise

This blog will be a means for people around the world to see my world.
I will communicate these matters through a rundown of my life. People I meet, activities I do, places I go.
At all times I will attempt to be as removed from my opinions and perspectives and publish posts solely in a manner that conveys an empathetic approach that allows readers of this blog to understand what has occurred in my life.
I understand that my world is, in the grand scheme of things, ridiculously tiny, however, that doesn't mean that my experiences are any less real. I hope that I can give you a deeper understanding of things you may not have come across otherwise.


  1. The theme is great!
    will make sure to check this all the time :D

  2. Thanks man, I'll be posting again in a sec, I'm just socialising a little.

  3. Interesting concept indeed. Will keep my eye on this blog.

  4. Such a great idea for the use of your blog, look foward to readying more.
    Great post, followed!